As anybody who’s recently had fresh concrete flooring laid down for their garage or shop can attest, that stuff isn’t cheap! Especially if you’ve invested the money to have it done properly and professionally (which you should always do!).

But laying the concrete is just the beginning. It’s easy to think of concrete being a hard, indestructible surface, however, concrete is susceptible to damage just like any other flooring surface. So you need to protect it, and the goal, after all, is to extend the life of the pricey slab of concrete as far out as you can. When done effectively, concrete can last you for a very long time!

Garage Force knows a thing or two about protecting concrete as the nation’s best supplier and installation experts for concrete coating, so we’ll dive into concrete sealers naturally, but also go beyond that to help you fully extend the life of your concrete. So read up and enjoy!

Strong Foundation

Just like your high school football coach used to always hammer into your brain for years, everything begins with a strong and fundamental base. Concrete is no different. The best way to ensure a long life for your garage flooring is to spend the time (and some money) to have the concrete slab laid professionally by a company you can trust.

If they know what they’re doing, the concrete will have a great mix design to give the concrete fantastic lifespan and resistance to degradation from the get-go. Cheap or inferior mix designs will only set your concrete up for inevitable failure and a much larger blitz to your wallet’s blindside!

Curing is the Cure

Going hand-in-hand with mix design is the curing process. Concrete requires an appropriate incubation environment in order for the mix to set and the chemistry to work properly. Curing should follow three basic steps:

First cure: This happens immediately after the concrete is laid. You want to prevent rapid water evaporation to the concrete sets as it should.

Middle cure: After the initial curing methods are applied, the concrete undergoes additional treatments to add qualities the concrete to aid its overall health.

Final cure: These are the last measures taken after the initial two cures have set and dried. Generally, these methods are curing paper, wet burlap or fogging. All three done right give concrete maximum design properties and crack-free durability.

Keep it Clean

The absolute best way to prolong the life of your concrete is through a concrete sealer (also referred to as a concrete coating), which we will end within a minute. But before that most important step is taken, it’s also critical to keep your concrete clean until the sealer is applied. Any spills or stains should be cleaned up immediately and you should make it a habit to sweep or mop for dust daily.

Concrete Sealer

Finally, we’ve arrived at the good stuff! As we’ve touched on in so many previous posts, there is absolutely no better way to improve both the durability, the health and look of your concrete than with a concrete sealer or concrete coating.

The benefits you gain with a concrete coating can’t be overstated. There are many types of concrete sealers and concrete coatings out there, but not all are the same. We recommend using a polyurea concrete coating, which offers superior protection and life, all while maintaining a phenomenal look to your garage floor!

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