When it comes to concrete coating, there is no shortage of options out there for you when you’re seeking to protect your garage floor, or other cement flooring, both inside and out. Choosing which concrete coating system is best for you and your flooring depends greatly on several factors, including preference, appearance and budget among many others.

Here at Garage Force of Kentuckiana, we pride ourselves on not only providing the finest concrete coating systems and installation but also our fantastic selection and customization options available to each of our clients. We have several concrete coating systems for you to choose from, each of them utilizing our patented polyurea concrete protector, which not only looks amazing but provides an unparalleled level of strength and protection for your cement flooring.

Today, we’d like to take a closer look at one of our many concrete coating systems — the full chip system. This is our most popular concrete coating system and we think you’ll better understand why by the end of today’s post. So, let’s get going!

What Are Decorative Chips?

The main feature of our full chip concrete coating system should be fairly obvious from the name. The full chip, or decorative chip, system is a two-layer system that is designed to provide the same excellent protection as all of our polyurea coatings and pair it with an aesthetically appealing look. This concrete coating system is quick to install by our professional team and allows for a selection of many different colors and patterns.

The vinyl color flakes are a polymer paint aggregate consisting of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins. This thin flake creates a thin layer of UV-stable chips that can be customized for color and put together for a variety of desired patterns.

Great Concrete Protector

Thanks to our patented polyurea concrete coating, the full chip system is an exceptional concrete protector. In fact, our polyurea coating is 20 times stronger than traditional epoxy flooring! The first layer is a primer basecoat and then the decorative chips are laid in the selected color and pattern before a final anti-slip topcoat is put down to seal it all. This concrete coating is perfect for protecting garage floors in particular as it is UV stable and resistant to water, chemicals, grease, salt, impacts and abrasion.

Awesome Aesthetics

Beyond the functional applications of the full chip concrete coating system, it simply looks amazing! Our wide selection of colors and patterns allows you to pick and choose what fits best with your garage, basement or other cement flooring project. Our chips come in ¼ inch or ⅛ inch and we have a highly-desired stone series of ¼ inch chips, which look more like natural stone granulation as opposed to the traditional decorative chip aesthetic.

Our Most Popular Concrete Coating

The full chip system is our most popular because it looks fantastic, is a concrete protector that just can’t be beaten and installs incredibly quickly when done by our expert team of professionals. We can install the full chip system in as little as 1-2 hours and the concrete coating can handle vehicle traffic just 24 hours later! The glossy finish looks incredible and really complements the decorative chip layer beneath the topcoat.

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