Find yourself debating which concrete coating system is the best for you? You’re not alone. There are so many different options out there available to you. You’ve likely looked at epoxy flooring, possibly even simple concrete stains or paints. Figuring out what you need depends greatly on what your goals are for the cement flooring in question.

At Garage Force of Kentuckiana, we would definitely start by recommending that you pick a concrete coating system that offers more than just aesthetic advantages, but that also includes a great level of protection as concrete is susceptible to damage from wear and tear as well as Father Time. Our patented polyurea concrete coating is without question the best protection you can get for your cement flooring and you don’t have to sacrifice appearance to get it!

We proudly offer several types of concrete coating systems and today we’d like to take a closer look at one in particular — the Medici system. This is a very popular choice among our customers and by the end of today’s post, we think you’ll better understand just why that is. Let’s dive in!

What is Medici® Concrete Coating?

Our Medici concrete coating system allows us to create a wide variety of decorative finishes for your garage floor, basement floor or other cement flooring inside and out. Without question, our Medici concrete coating will outlast any other acrylic or acid stain system available! We begin with a tinted base layer and apply the Medici concrete coating on top of that. The Medici system features six different finishes, which bring a simple yet elegant appearance to your garage or basement floor.

Colors Available:

  • Brown Slate
  • Terra Cotta
  • Gold Sandstone
  • Green Vineyard
  • Sienna Sunset
  • Stone Obsession

The final topcoat is applied for unparalleled protection thanks to our patented polyurea concrete coating, an immensely superior concrete protector than traditional epoxy flooring. The Medici system is ideal for your basement, retail store, office complex, studio, showroom, patios or lobbies, to name a few. You receive a high-quality finish without the need for waxing, plus, there is no yellowing or fading!

Ultimate Concrete Protector

Just like all of our concrete coating systems, the Medici system provides an exceptionally strong and resistant layer to your cement flooring, helping it last far longer and withstand the beating it inevitably takes over time. Concrete flooring is expensive to repair or replace so gives it the protection it needs! Our polyurea coating systems are 20 times stronger than epoxy flooring, and unlike epoxy, is UV stable and cure incredibly quickly. The Medici system is resistant to water, chemicals, abrasions and impacts.

Quick Installation and Cure Times

Unlike epoxy flooring and other concrete coating options, our patented polyurea system has incredibly quick installation and curing capabilities. Our expert team can install the Medici system in a day and within 24 hours, the concrete coating can withstand vehicle traffic!

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