There are some pretty sweet garage renovations out there. Just do a quick search online and it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole for hours looking — and probably a fair share of dreaming — at awesome examples of what people turn their garages into.

Garage floors are a fantastic place to begin your garage renovation because you gain the many benefits of a concrete coating such as increased protection and an enhanced appearance to elevate your garage’s look to the next level. Call us here at Garage Force and we would love to help you bring out the best in your garage floors!

But some people just aren’t satisfied with the basic garage renovation. The latest renovation trend for garages is what’s known as car condos. Now, if you think that sounds extremely fancy … well … that’s because they are! This is not likely a renovation project you’ll likely take on for your garage (and if it is, please call us because we would love to see it!), but we thought it would be fun to take a look at anyway. We give you, the car condo!

What’s a Car Condo?

So imagine for a second, if you would be so kind, that you had the kind of money to own one or several extremely nice cars. Maybe they’re brand new supercars or rare classics. Would you ever want them out of your sight?! Or maybe they would just be so beautiful you wanted to look at them all the time. Then the car condo would be your answer!

A car condo is basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s like a traditional condominium but the real estate is where the owner has the unit in the same spot as where the car is stored. So think of it like knocking out the joining wall of your garage and house, installing glass (or nothing at all) and voilà; you have a car condo!

What’s Behind the Trend?

While a car condo specifically by name is a new trend, car enthusiasts have sought ways to show off their cars and car collections for years. Usually, they would just have a large, super-fancy garage to store them, but then you have to go to an entirely separate building to look at them and where’s the fun in that? Sometimes they’re individual car condos and in some places, the car part is a joint area for multiple owners to store their cars together like a parking garage in the building itself.

How Are They Functional?

Excellent question! While we won’t pretend to know anything about actually owning a car condo, they do actually seem pretty functional assuming you have the money. Are they practical? Well, that’s a different question for another day. They share many qualities of a detached garage, however, they offer more flexibility because you can live in it and avoid the hassle of parking on the street or leaving your valuable car unattended at night.

How Does the Flooring Work?

Many of the car condos out there have dedicated living spaces in and around where the car is stored, but the flooring itself is still primarily concrete and needs protecting. Concrete coating is used to seal the surface and protect it from the usual activities any old garage floor would endure. Style is even more important for car condos (duh!), which is another big reason why a concrete coating would definitely be applied.

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There you have it! Car condos. What a world. If you never own one of your own, don’t feel bad. You still have the ability to take on more traditional garage renovations and Garage Force is here to help! Contact us today for a free concrete coating quote and protect your garage flooring while enhancing its appearance at the same time!