If you’re like other homeowners, you’ve turned your garage into an everything storage pod. Any and everything you don’t want in the house, you throw it into the garage.

Stop killing the value of your home. It’s time to learn what garage storage & organization can do for your place of residence. 

Organizing your garage helps you identify and get rid of unneeded junk and other stuff. You can finally purge old clothes and memorabilia you no longer wear and that has no value. Oh, and those tools you thought you lost, you can sort them and put them in a proper place. 

Not to mention you get to do something good by donating stuff you don’t need to charity.

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Shelving Does Wonders for Garage Storage & Organization

One of the best ways to organize an area and create space is to install shelves. Shelves help you take small things off the floor and bring them up higher to make room.

You can empty old boxes of books and sort them on shelves. Old art that you no longer have room for in the home, you can use shelving to create art displays. Categorize cleaning supplies, toys, and sports goods and place them in baskets.

Arrange the baskets on shelves to declutter and make room. 

Consider coordinating with different shelf types to give the garage character. Fixed brackets shelves and wire shelves work well together. 

Wall Hooks

Awkward-shaped items are hard to store and create hazards. How many times have you walked into the garage and tripped over a rake or broom?

Stand them up and hang them on wall hooks. 

Bicycles are major culprits when it comes to vehicle damage. Kickstands suffer wear and tear and for that reason, they fall over often. Guess what braces its fall? Your expensive car or truck.

Take your bikes, skates, mops, and brooms and hang them up on hooks. 

Crates and Storage Bins

Crates do more than deliver your favorite brand of milk to the grocery store. They double as great storage containers to organize and bring order to spaces. 

Consider investing in plastic storage bins and milk crates. 

Use and label the plastic bins for things like balls, gloves, helmets, and gear. You can also store winter clothes in them as well to save room in your closets. Gather all your loose tools and organize them in shoe boxes.

Label the shoe boxes then store them in the milk crates. 

Organize and Make Room 

When a part of your home looks like a wreck, it brings down the value of your entire home. The garage is one of those spaces. Try these garage storage & organization tips to improve the worth of your residence.

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